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Tectona grandis – Family Verbenaceae

This wood is hardwearing and resistant even when installed under difficult conditions.

Together with its high stability even in humid conditions, it is easy to understand the great importance of this wood in naval construction.
Today it is still used in making decks, gunwales, handrails, steps, gratings and other additional nautical structures.
For this reason, it is excellent even in civil architecture for interiors (flooring, structures) and exteriors, like swimming-pool perimetres, outdoor gang boards, and structures exposed to bad weather.
It is acid-proof.
The higher quality Teak wood used is currently asian Teak. Indonesian Teak (Giava) is either not such high quality or has grain of lower quality, also African and South-American Teak have this particular feature.

Teak origin area

South Asian forests (from India to Laos/Vietnam), fully acclimatised (native) in Indonesia. If it comes from plantations, it may come from Africa and Central South-America.





Teak technical file

Density 650 Kg/m3
Shrinkage Low
Hardness Medium low
Flexion Resistance 1200 Kp/cm2
Compression Resistance 560 Kp/cm2
Colour Dark golden



Teak woodworking