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Doghe in iroko per struttura a gettante fuori

Magnino Legnami is specialized in construction and supply of woodworking for the civil sector. For the internal and external environments of homes, offices, companies and public structures, the finest woods are selected, such as Teak, Mahogany, Iroko, Balau and other essences, chosen directly in the countries of origin to guarantee the excellence and high quality of the raw material

We supply slats for floors and piers, walkways for gardens and terraces, steps, external gates, ventilated walls, pool edges and handrails.

In addition, we carry out customized woodwork: if you have an idea or a project, Magnino Legnami will be able to advise you on the best solution in terms of materials and costs, following you at every stage up to delivery and installation.

Cancello doppio in carabottino per esterni Legno Teak e Iroko
Pavimento in balau per esterni

Working sheets


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 Lavorazioni su misura
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strutture balneari
 Strutture balneari
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Bordo in teak per Jacuzzi
Presentazione incasso dei carabottini per piscina
cancello in carabottino Legno Teak e Iroko
Doghe per la nautica
Strutture lamellari in legno teak
Balau trattato ad olio (no verniciato)