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Sitka Spruce and Douglas

Sitka Spruce

Picea sitchensis – Family Pinaceae

The main features of this wood are its stability and resistance once it has reached the right balance with environmental humidity.

Its mechanical resistance related to weight is excellent. As it has large-sized logs with regular grain (very small yearly growth-rings) without defects in the mass, the Sitka spruce has been greatly in demand for aeronautical construction and ship masts for many years.

Sitka Spruce origin area

Forests of North-West America.


Sitka Spruce technical file

Density 440 KG/M3
Shrinkage Medium
Hardness Medium
Flexion Resistance 730 KP/CM2
Compression Resistance 390 KP/CM2
Colour Light brown



Pseudotsuga taxifolia – Family Pinaceae

This wood is medium resistant from a mechanical point of view, and quite hardwearing.

It is used in civil and architecture construction, structure and furniture for interiors, and in naval construction for masts and small sized structures.

Douglas origin area

Forests of North-East America.


Douglas technical file

Density 520 KG/M3
Shrinkage Medium
Hardness Low
Flexion Resistance 790 KP/CM2
Compression Resistance 500 KP/CM2
Colour Amber yellow