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African Mahogany includes several kinds of timber like Acajou, Gran bassam, Khaya, Sipo, Sapele, N’gollon, Lagos.

Khaya genus is called Mahogany as recommended in commercial language, whereas Entandrophragma genus is called by more names (among these the most important are Sipo and Sapele).
The homogeneity in this group is so great that sometimes microscopic or macroscopic examination do not make it possible to distinguish between the various kinds of Khaya and Entandrophragma, therefore creating significant confusion in the trading off these woods.
All these timbers are resistant and hardwearing and can be processed without difficulty. They are commonly used in naval construction for keels, planking, gunwales and planking for companions.
In civil engineering it is used for interior furnishings and flooring.


Mahogany Acajou

Khaya ivorensis-Family Meliaceae (Other species: K. Grandifolia, K. anthoteca, K. senegalensis e K. Nyasica)

Mahogany Acajou origin area

Forests in West Equatorial Africa.


Mahogany Acajou technical file

Density 620 KG/M3
Shrinkage Medium low
Hardness Medium
Flexion Resistance 1160 KP/CM2
Compression Resistance 580 KP/CM2
Colour Brown red


Mahogany Sipo

Entandrophragma utile – Family Meliaceae

Mahogany Sipo

Forests and savannahs in West Equatorial Africa.


Mahogany Sipo technical file

Density 690 KG/M3
Shrinkage Medium
Hardness Medium
Flexion Resistance 1470 KP/CM2
Compression Resistance 620 KP/CM2
Colour Brown red


Mahogany Working