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Chlorophora excelsa – Family Moraceae

This wood is resistant and hardwearing even in the presence of humidity.

It is incorrectly called African Teak because of its fibre, but it is not so strong. It is often used in place of Asian Teak (the latter is more valuable)..
Its color may vary between light yellow and dark brown, according to exposure to the sun. It is used for ship building and naval construction (decks, gratings, handrails) and for civil design and interior decoration (floors, steps, stairs, furniture, swimming-pool perimetres and outdoorstructures).

Iroko origin area

Equatorial forests in West Africa


Iroko technical file

Density 660 KG/M3
Shrinkage Low
Hardness Medium
Flexion Resistance 1200 KP/CM2
Compression Resistance 560 KP/CM2
Colour Dark brown