Magnino Legnami

Since 1933 woodworking with passion and proficiency.

Magnino Legnami is working on the national and international market since 1933. Beyond the manufacturing we are even wood supplier for ship and civil industry.
Thanks to the passion of the woodwork and to the continuous research of precious timbers Magnino Legnami got to concentrate on most advanced products, becoming a dynamic and constantly growing entity.
Nowadays the company is composed by a sawmill and by a carpenter’s shop, in a 15.000 square meter area. There is an indoor structure of 4.000 square meter equipped with sophisticated machineries to cut trunks up to 22 mt. length.

Our company mainly works on the nautical and on the civil industry, supplying wood manufactures for yacht and vintage boats but also for inner and external environments. The achieved experience and the deep timber knowledge grant us to develop and carry out original and very unusual projects, customised according to customer requirements.


Starting from the trunk up to the manufacturing: our work begins from very far away…

…to be more specific, from the places where the timbers belong to (Asia, Africa, North America). Magnino Legnami owners travel to these countries to personally select the best trunk and timber quality.
After this first step, the goods arrive directly in the works, where we will carefully inspect it and will select the different qualities and sort and divide it between planks and pews.

At this stage, the natural seasoning will start. This is a slow and natural process, which lasts at least 2/3 years. It’s the essential warranty of wood quality: longer is the wood aging, more stable and workable will be the material.
We also have a vacuum dryer available, with which we can obtain the required wood seasoning (Kilned Dry) in few days.

If you have a project ready to be done and/or a brand-new idea…
Magnino Legnami will follow and support you during each production stage, suggesting the best solution in terms of costs and material quality, up to the delivery and installation.

Our strong points: selected quality, accurate seasoning control, measuring precision, realization of customized products.


Our manufactures and products

Magnino Legnami mainly market is the Ship industry, mostly for the following supplies:


Our activity also includes the Civil industry, especially the manufacturing and the supply of: